Benefits of Portable Bluetooth Speakers

benefits of bluetooth speakersSome ten or 15 years ago, carrying a wireless music speaker for your smartphone was unimaginable.

To be honest, a smartphone was almost unimaginable 15 years ago, not to mention a speaker capable of producing quality sound of your favorite songs.

So going on a picnic or a party of any sorts, to a place without electricity, meant that someone needed to know how to play the guitar or the accordion, or any other instrument for that matter, otherwise the party was doomed.

Not anymore.

Today, parties and picnics look much different. Nobody needs to play an instrument any more, thanks to the unimaginable wonders of modern technology. First we had smartphones with mp3 files of your favorite music.

People would put the smartphone in a bowl, or a glass, to increase the volume and get just enough of power to be able to listen to the songs.

Now we have portable, wireless, Bluetooth speakers that offer sound with genuine quality, and whose batteries last long enough for any party.

But what are the biggest benefits of portable Bluetooth speakers?

The first two answers are hidden in the question itself: 1: it’s portable and 2: it’s Bluetooth.

Some ten years ago, having a quality portable speaker meant you’d either have to take a boombox with you, or a complete sound system, and even though they are ‘portable’ by definition, they weren’t handy and convenient.

Today’s portable speakers are extremely small in size (there are certain models that can fit inside one’s pocket) and very lightweight (as light as 1.3 ounces).

They can operate on battery, meaning you don’t need an AC power socket (or any other power socket for that matter) to make it play. The only thing you need is a music source (a smartphone, tablet or an mp3 player), and all of them operate on battery themselves.

The second answer is the Bluetooth technology: today’s Bluetooth technology is able to stream at speeds faster than required in order to stream the biggest sound files. What does that mean? It means that you can seamlessly stream your favorite music in the lossless .flac format, or in the 320kbps mp3.

Most Bluetooth enabled devices also have a range of 10 meters (32 feet), which means that if you’re in a picnic, and your smartphone is running out of energy, you can plug it in your car’s charger and still have the speaker play the music outside of the car, in great quality.

And last, but definitely not the least, is the pricing of these devices.

Most portable Bluetooth speakers are very cheap (some are priced no more than a couple of tens of dollars), making them ideal for a present.

What’s also good about the low prices of these devices is that you don’t have to worry about losing or breaking it. If you’re wealthy enough to get a smartphone worth a couple of hundred dollars, then getting a portable speaker or two can never be outside of your budget.

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