Best 5 Bluetooth speakers for a phone

Portable speakers are a great way to bring your music with you, wherever you may go. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on your way to the gym, to the pool or up into the mountains for a few days of hiking; bringing music with you always lightens the mood and brings smiles on people’s faces.
Today we have various devices like smartphones, tablets and portable music players which can help us bring music with us.
However, all of them have speakers which aren’t designed to play music. They were designed to help you hear the person you’re trying to have a conversation with and unless you’re beatboxing with your friends, the sound is only good for speech.
That’s where portable speakers come in. They’re lightweight, easy to carry around, simple to connect and sometimes outlive the smartphones in terms of battery power.
So what are the best Bluetooth-enabled speakers for your smartphone? Good question. There are a few elements which need to be looked at when buying a speaker: sound quality, connectivity and battery life.
With all those elements combined, here are some of the best portable speakers for your phones:


Pop360 has a simple design and pairs wirelessly with Android, Apple and Blackberry devices, or with tablets and laptops, and it has a built-in 3.5mm jack, enabling it to work with other devices as well.
It’s called Pop360 because it has a pop-up on/off feature, and once it’s turned on, it pops up a speaker, bringing sound to 360 degrees around the device.

BLKBOX POP360 is light and small enough to carry in a small bag, purse or backpack. It has a rechargeable lithium battery which gives you up to eight hours of usage time.
Battery life is clearly displayed as the built in LED goes from blue to red, when the battery drains.


LiveBass is a pocket speaker made by Genio and they like to call it “the pocket dynamite when it comes to your ultimate audio experience”. The unit costs $19.99 and can be paired with practically any smartphone or tablet on the market today.

LiveBass Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
It has the latest audio enhancement technology, packing sound of extreme quality in very small dimensions.
But one of the best features of these speakers for mobile devices is that they come equipped with a microphone, meaning you can use it as a speakerphone as well. If you’re in the shower or in the kitchen and you don’t want to touch the phone with your hands, you can talk straight into the portable speaker with the same quality as if you’re on the phone, maybe even better.

iFox Creations

iFox has a speaker that produces a clear and powerful sound. It’s loud enough to throw a dance party in the open space. It’s wireless, and requires no installation. Only one switch is needed, and after just a few seconds it’s ready to go. Besides the Bluetooth technology, the iFox speaker also has an AUX line, meaning you can play songs from your older mp3 players that don’t have Bluetooth technology.

iFox Creations Speaker

It also has a built-in slot for a miniSD card, which means means in case you forgot your phone at home, or it ran out of battery, you can take the miniSD card and play songs from the speaker – directly.
The device can last up to ten hours on a single charge, and costs $39.99.


The Tmvel Bluetooth speaker is amazing for two things: price and quality of sound. It packs the Bluetooth 3.0 technology, meaning you can stream some high-quality sound onto it without much trouble.
It’s universally compatible with all Android and iOS devices, and can stream audio for up to six hours on a single charge.

Tmvel-Wireless-Bluetooth-Waterproof speaker
The Trnvel allows easy access to volume, skip forward, skip backward, pause, play, and power buttons and it is convenient for music and call control while in the shower, at the pool or in the car.
The unit is the cheapest on the market and can be bought on for as low as $10.09.

Jabra TOUR

Here’s one of the best speakers for your phone when you’re on the road.
It is designed for great sound with HD Voice, noise cancellation technology and an extra-large speaker. It has voice control features which can be used for either Android or Siri voice engine, as well as for the Jabra TOUR speaker’s controls.

JABRA tour
You can answer your phone, ignore phone calls and pair a new device- all by using voice commands.
It has a built-in motion sensor for Auto On and Auto Off, when device is not in use to save battery life and it’s easy to set up: just pair it to your phone and place Jabra Tour on your sun visor.
It also comes with an in-car charger with a USB cable for charging up when on the go, and it can go for up to 20 hours on a single charge.
The retail price is $99.99 but the speaker can be bought on Amazon for as low as $51.98.

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