Best 5 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Music is an indivisible part of our everyday lives. No matter where we are, at home, at the office or at the gym, we’re always surrounded, or at least we try to be surrounded by our favorite tunes.

However, it’s hard to bring music to camping, the pool or the shower, especially if you’re willing to share your music with someone.

But thanks to Bluetooth technology, and some waterproof wonders, today we don’t have to worry about breaking our speakers if they get wet.

Our favorite music is now available to us, even under the shower. But how do we choose the best speaker?

There are a few elements we must keep in mind when choosing the best Bluetooth waterproof portable speaker:

Build quality – obviously, the most important thing for any waterproof speaker is for it to be completely, 100 percent water proof.

Connectivity – Bluetooth is a pretty universal technology, but still keep in mind if the speaker can connect to iOS, Android or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Battery life – if you’re planning on using it under the shower, then maybe you don’t need a device that can last for hours. But for any camper, kayaker or poolside party animal, make sure your device can last longer than a few songs.

With all those things in mind, we bring you some of the best waterproof, Bluetooth portable speakers.

Superior Sounds Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re looking for an all-around good speaker that can provide quality music, withstand the elements of nature and that won’t break your wallet in two, then Superior Sounds Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is most likely your best choice.

First and foremost – this little circle is completely waterproof, meaning you can take it with you under the shower for some singing sessions.

It brings extremely powerful sound, and can easily be paired with practically any Bluetooth-enabled device, including iPhone, iPad, iPod devices, Android devices, or any other unit with Bluetooth.

If paired with a smartphone, it can also be used as a speakerphone.

All controls, including play, stop, pause, skip and others are easily identified at the front of the device, and when it comes to charging, it’s simple and lasts for weeks on one charge.

But perhaps the best thing about this unit is that, for the price of $39.99, you get a speaker with a lifetime money back guarantee.


If you’re more worried about bringing that Pharrell Williams sound to the forest, rather than to the shower, then you might be a customer for the Ecoxgear’s ECOXBT, a hard-built and rugged speaker designed for outdoor use.

But just because it was built to be more rugged and resistant to outside use, it doesn’t mean it’s not completely waterproof.

The unit is acoustically engineered and 100 percent waterproof, and comes in a case with dual full range integrated speakers.

If you’re a bass freak, this unit might not be the best choice in terms of sound quality, but when it comes to high frequencies and vocals, the ECOXBT is unprecedented.

Its Lithium ion battery is rechargeable, and can last up to ten hours of continuous playback on one charge.

The unit can stream music via any Bluetooth-enabled device up to 10 meters (33 feet), and its regular cost is $129.99, but can be bought for as low as $81.99.

Zentek Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker Phone with Mic

There are good waterproof Bluetooth speakers, there are great speakers, and then there’s Zentek.

If this was the list of the top five speakers, Zentek would most probably be at the #1 spot, because it’s a well-built, versatile device, great for indoor and outdoor use, and costs less than most similar products on the market.

Its regular price is 89 USD, but can be bought new for as low as $26.99, making it one of the cheapest units.

With a built-in microphone, it can be used as a speakerphone, making it extremely useful for people with an active lifestyle, those who have to answer their phone even when they’re in the shower.

And if you want to play your favorite tunes by the pool and worry about dropping the speaker into the water, worry no more. Zentek’s speaker is completely waterproof, and can be submerged under water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter without the risk of destroying the unit.

WOWTOU Mini Ultra

Now here’s an interesting unit. The WOWTOU speaker is a miniature unit capable of producing some incredibly powerful sound.

But what makes this unit stand out from the crowd is the compatibility with Siri, Apple’s personal assistant.

With the battery time of more than six hours, it’s one of the longer lasting products, and with the price that goes down to $19.99, it’s also one of the cheapest portable waterproof speakers.

The device can connect with any Bluetooth-enabled device, including smartphones, and with a built-in microphone, it can also be used as a speakerphone, enabling the user to answer phone calls even while in the shower.

It’s also compatible with various music apps, such as Pandora, Google Music and Music Hub.

Even though the miniature size of the unit might have some people thinking the quality of the sound is poor, the case is quite different. As it can be seen on the Amazon’s review page, the unit is very loud, and also brings clear sound.


Don’t be fooled – FUGOO Tough is tough. And rugged. This unit is built to last, and built to play your favorite tunes no matter where on Earth you are.

It’s advertised as the world’s most rugged Bluetooth speaker, a unit that’s 100 percent waterproof, mud-proof, snow-proof and shockproof.

But with a price of $299.99, it’s the most expensive out of the five Bluetooth waterproof speakers reviewed in this article.

But this one is really worth the money – it has a built-in microphone for full-duplex speakerphone, Siri and Google Now capability, as well as six drivers on four sides, allowing for a 360-degree sweet spot.

Wherever you sit, you’ll always get the best out of your music.

Its battery life is close to 40 hours, making it also one of the longest running portable speakers out there. In short – FUGOO Tough is probably the best portable speaker for every hiker and mountaineer.

It’s an ideal gift.


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