Turcom Sound Sport Wireless Outdoor Speaker

The Sport Wireless Outdoor speaker from Turcom is the best possible speaker for every bicycle rider out there, who wants to share his or hers music while riding across the city or through nature.

This device is built to last, to resist the elements and bring quality sound. It’s water-resistant, dust-resistant and shockproof, meaning you can bring it with you wherever you go and whatever you do, and have peace of mind knowing that your speaker will be just fine.

It’s designed as a bottle so that it can fit on pretty much every bottle holder today’s bicycles have, and it also comes with a carbineer clip on top, so that you can clip it on your clothes or your backpack.

The device is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, meaning it can stream and reproduce high quality music from any Bluetooth-enabled device, and with 15 hours of playtime, it’s among the longer lasting devices on the market.

Besides the Bluetooth technology, it also supports the 3.5 mm aux input in connection.

The speaker / bottle also has buttons for basic controls, like play, stop, forward and back, and to answer calls with.

Yes, that’s right, the speaker can also be used for hands-free phone calls, as it has a built-in microphone as well. The device comes with a Lithium ion battery, and can play up to 15 hours on a single charge.

The battery is a Class A Lithium battery which can be charged by using a micro USB input, and it takes approximately six hours to charge the device.

It has two powerful Sound Dual Speaker Drivers, rated at six Watts total, output 360 degrees of top quality 2.0 CH Surround Stereo Sound for accurate sound reproduction and ease of connection with devices. Various user reviews have confirmed – this device reproduces some extremely loud and quality sound.


  • Durability
  • Bottle design
  • Sound quality


  • No NFC technology
  • takes six hours to recharge

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