WAYCOM® LED Flashing Light Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Considering that it only costs $48.99, Waycom’s Flashing Light Mini Bluetooth Speaker is probably one of the best buys when it comes to strange but entertaining technology.

The device is a speaker and a portable microphone in one, together with flashing LED lights, sensitive to the sound which comes out of the speaker.

It has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream your favourite songs from any Bluetooth-enabled device such as the Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

Besides Bluetooth, LED Flashing Light Mini Bluetooth Speaker also supports microUSB ports and standard 3.5 millimetre jack. The microUSB slot allows you to use devices without Bluetooth connectivity, such as older mp3 players or iPods.

The same slot is also used to charge the battery of the device. When it comes to life, even though it has a powerful speaker and LED lights, the device can still play up to eight hours on a single charge.

But, it also requires the same amount of time to be charged.

Its design resembles that of a water bottle, making it ideal to carry around in a bicycle water bottle stand. It also comes with a set of LED lights, sensitive to the sound which the speakers produce, meaning the lights will ‘dance’ with the music.

It has a built-in microphone, meaning you can answer and make phone calls using the Waycom speaker. But maybe the best part of the mini Bluetooth speaker is that it has voice recognition software, which can be used to answer calls and set various tasks simply by giving voice commands.

The speaker can be bought in three different colours: black, red and white, and also has a built-in FM radio transmitter, so you can even listen to radio stations, when the music from your favourite device gets boring.


  • Powerful sound
  • LED lighting,
  • microUSB,
  • long lasting battery,
  •  voice commands


  • Long charging times
  • lack of colours in the LED

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